20 Heartbreaking Comics About Animal Abuse And Factory Farming By Joan Chan


Our ocean, our land, and the range of species you call home are subject to plastic poison. According to the United Nations, at least 800 species worldwide are affected by marine and terrestrial debris, and up to 80 percent of this litter is plastic. It is estimated that up to 13 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean each year – the equivalent of a garbage truckload or garbage every minute.

And those who suffer the consequences of this are not only humans themselves, but also animals. To bring some awareness to the state of our planet and its inhabitants, Joan Chan, a 32-year-old comic artist from Hong Kong has started a comic series called “Just Comics


Just Comics is a project that aims to educate people and raise awareness about the state of our planet and topics such as factory farming and animal cruelty. Joann hopes her informative cartoons will help reduce the suffering of animals raised for meat, clothing, or other industrial production where there are year-round conditions for raising animals.




















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