20 Funny And Relatable “Anxious Animals” Comics


Turns out the animals are just as anxious and lost in life as the rest of us! I just discovered these precious “Anxious Animals” comics on Instagram and can relate to basically every single one of them. Animals will remind you of those awkward and funny moments you have when thinking about your daily life.

The artist, named Amy Wilson, told Bored Panda, “I’ve been stuck in Australia feeling pretty anxious (like the rest of the country). And so I started drawing what I was feeling but the animals were talking about. It made the feelings feel less bleak! And people just started In responding really positively, so I kept doing them. I think everyone feels the same, but it’s hard to talk about it!


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When asked about her personal connection to this comedy, Amy said she can relate personally to most of them: “It started as an outlet for what I was feeling myself. Whether it was loneliness, self-doubt, or just not wanting to get out of bed!” In terms of choosing animals, Amy always tries to choose the animals that have meaning in the story and the animals chosen are likely to feel those feelings.







Bored Panda also asked the artist how much time it takes to make one of these comics. Amy responded that she differs on a few things, whether it’s a 4-square comic or just a single movie. Also, the amount of changes between each frame or if the background is complex – it can be anywhere from an hour to 4.



















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