20 Funny Comics That Cover Silly Situations By Chuck Ingverson


Are you bored with everyday life, are you looking for something new to laugh, then you are the perfect place? Meet Chuck Ingvarson, a Chicago-based freelance cartoonist and comedian who creates funny and humorous comics. The webcomic features dogs, cats, bears, horses, otters, sharks, and other animals. Who will make you laugh with his funny jokes? We sincerely hope that the comic makes you smile.

The artist named the comic CaptainScratchy. The artist has taken most of the cartoon animals in the comic from him because artists love animals. The artist previously worked for a newspaper reporter. But he wanted to be a cartoonist since he was a child, so he quit his job and decided to become a cartoonist. Chuck Ingverson started making comics in 2008. Chuck has 5,100 followers on Instagram who love his work. Scroll down and enjoy the artwork from the talented artist Chuck Ingverson.

More info: Instagram | zazzle.com | captainscratchy.com






















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