20 New Funny Comics By StrangeTrek With Unexpected Endings And Dark Undertones


How about starting the weekend with fun and laughter? If you sign up, we have something special prepared for you! StrangeTrek is back on Bored Panda and this time with even more humorous and weirdly relatable comics.

StrangeTrek or Roby Poche is an artist from Austin, Texas who started drawing comics in 2020 and couldn’t seem to stop. And we love that, of course. His illustrations are full of pop culture intertexts, unexpected endings, and a touch of darkness. We hope they are just what you needed to forget about all your worries and start the weekend in a good mood.


If you’re thirsty for more StrangeTrek comics, you can check them out in the previous article here.

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Roby Poche started drawing comics in July 2020, when all hell broke loose. He had always wanted to create comics and Covid gave him a lot of time to try it out. Since then, his illustrations have received more and more attention and recognition.

We are happy when we help artists and their audience to meet. After the first article with the StrangeTrek comics came out, Roby noticed the growth of his following. But, according to the artist, the biggest change was internal. Roby shared with Bored Panda that having an article about his comics gave him a huge confidence boost and helped him keep making comics..




Right now, Roby finds it difficult to find the time to make new comics. Although most of the illustrations are four panels, they take quite a bit of time to make, according to the artist. However, Roby likes to look back at the comics he has done and read all the good comments from people who enjoy his work. That is very rewarding for the artist.























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