20 Comics That Show What Living With A Dog Is Really Like, By Xibang


I don’t know anything about bathing ideas, but I often think about what dogs really think. Are they really not judging us? Do they really know that they are good girls and boys? Do they really look at us? These and other questions were answered by Xibang (Seebangnow), an illustrator from Singapore, who also recently made similar comics about cats. Of course, I wouldn’t really know what dogs really think, but the comics articulate their ideas quite accurately, or at least that’s what most of us hope dogs will think.

The artist knows how to balance strong emotions, and the comedy is in every part amusing and full of love as much as it is sad and emotional. The illustrator brilliantly reveals how despite pretending to show what dogs “really” think, the furry themes in the comics are just what we expect and hope to be: friendly, loyal, silly, naive, and slightly malicious.


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The artist told us a little about himself and what he does. “I’m a cartoonist from Singapore, and my full-time job is to some extent to be a father to my 4-year-old son. Whatever energy I have is divided between helping with my family’s business and drawing.


Seebangnow is no different when it comes to creative struggles, and he shares his fist. “For me, perhaps the hardest part of making comics is getting started, especially if you’ve been too busy drawing for a week or more.”

“My art process is basically to procrastinate until guilt over not drawing, fighting through the daily fatigue to start drawing. I draw on a Wacom Bamboo tablet to save time, because I’m so rusty and I hate my lack of skill in traditional media. I have a lot of ideas I’ve written In my notes, but sometimes I just try to deal with it and see what happens.



But he won’t if he doesn’t like something. “My favorite part of the process is the finish; the drawing itself may be boring and not particularly enjoyable – but I find it rewarding if the resulting work is good enough.























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