I Created A Cute Dinosaur Character To Illustrate Life With ADHD In These 20 Relatable Comics


ADHDinos is a comic video about the daily struggles I (and many others) have with ADHD. I was recently diagnosed with ADHD as an adult and felt like I was on my own. Then I was surprised to find such a huge and supportive community online where I was able to learn how to better navigate many of my problematic behaviors.

The comic book actually started out as a list of my tendencies that I wish I could address (I’ll definitely move on to that). The Dino design is based on a number of Dino drawings from the margins of my old school work; He was loved by many teachers.

The comments on the series have been amazing, and it seems like a lot of people really can handle these issues and love talking about them in public.

Thanks everyone for their continued support!

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Tale As Old As Time


A Death Sentence


Time Flies When You’re Dissociating


A Good Night’s Rest


Every 6 Weeks


Sorry Mum




Tendencies Of A Serial Hobbyist


But It’s So Helpful


She Gets Me


Anyone Else Get Locked In A Mindless Scroll Sometimes?




That Would Be Too Easy


Wish I Didn’t Do That..


This Is Unsustainable


What Are You Fixated On This Week?


I Make A Lot Of Plans At 2 Am


He Did Not


Apparently, I Have Many.


Friendly Reminder From Dino


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