20 Big Dogs Who Don’t Realize How Big They Are


Dogs love to sit in your lap, doesn’t matter how bigger they are, they are still child for their parents. Even though in some occasions, they grow up bigger than you. But it’s not a big deal for them. All they want is sit in the lap of their human to cuddle, kiss or lick their face.

Dogs grow very quickly with the passage of time. And we love to see them grown up. Our love for them increases with each coming day. Yet their are some dog breeds who never gets old and remain in puppy-hood forever. However there are some problems as well that big doggos face.


Research has proved that big dogs tend to have more joint and heart problems than the smaller ones. And that’s dog owners don’t want. Big dogs lives for the short span of time than the normal dogs. But they don’t care of it. Because the immense love they get from the people makes them happy all the time. Sometimes they don’t even realize how big they are.

If you have a big dog, drop the pic in comments below. We have compiled a list of some of the big doggos around the world. If you find it entertaining and adorable, let us know in the comments. Tell us if you need part 2 in the comments.


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