16 Funny Comics About The Daily Struggles Of Animal Parents Living In Today’s World


Meet the talented artist Brian, he loves nurturing and drawing the life of animals in his comic. Brian’s adorable comic book name is ZooDrows. The artist loves to imagine what it would be like for animals living in our modern world and the results are downright hilarious.

The artist has tried to show parenting in a different way in these comics which is commendable. You can lighten up your stressful day by reading his comics. Brian has become quite popular on social media. He has 46.2k followers on his Instagram. Artist Brain sheds light on how animals deal with parenting, friendships, work, relationships, and other related everyday situations. Now end the wait and enjoy the art by scrolling down and share it with your friends.

More info: zoodrawscomic.com | Instagram | patreon.com

#1 Picky Kitty

#2 The Mighty Opossum

#3 It’s A Real Who-Dunnit?

#4 Why? Why? Why?

#5 That Sweet Cat Life

#6 I Hate Dandelions

#7 Name Change

#8 Ultimate Mama Warrior!

#9 Home School – Quarantine

#10 Samwise

#11 Fantastic Patrick!

#12 New Wardrobe

#13 Blue Whale Blues

#14 So, So Deep

#15 “Dad” Not “Daddy”

#16 “Mom” Not “Mommy”


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