Artist Duo Makes Absurd Comics With Surprising Endings (20 Pics)


Some things should not be made fun of, which makes it much more fun: with the help of black humor, we can overcome a tragic situation with some laughter. Every day, more and more talented creators make dark humor comics to brighten up our days, and the artist duo “Prime Slime” is no exception.

French artists take inspiration from fairy tales, historical events, and everyday situations and turn them into “animated comic strips with a good taste of absurdity and dark humor,” as the “Prime Slime” Instagram bio puts it.


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“Prime Slime” is made up of two creators: Rémy, who writes all the jokes and thinks of their rhythm, and Clément, who does all the drawings. When asked how long it takes them to finish one of their comics, the duo said, “When we started Prime Slime in 2017, we could finish a comic in 4-6 hours. Now it takes between 10 and 15 hours depending on the amount of detail in the backgrounds and (of course) the number of panels.”

“Each theme is an opportunity to do comedy, even the darkest ones,” says Rémy. “Black humor is a way to step back and break free from the horrors of the world. It’s not because the topic isn’t funny that you can’t afford to make funny jokes about it. Since Death laughs at us, let us also laugh at her.”




Speaking about his creative process, Rémy explains that “it really depends on the joke, but I usually write a list of topics I want to talk about (pirates, space, desert, fairy tales, westerns, Starbucks, war, death, time travel). ). ..) and then I write down all the jokes/ideas that come up for each one (good or bad). After a while, I start to identify the ones that I find most interesting and start to polish them so that they have the right rhythm and serve as a punchline.

Then I send a little sketch to Clément, he shares the screen of his tablet on Skype and then we can work on it together. After 10-15 hours drawing the new comic strip, we post it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on Saturday at 1 p.m. m., and then… we started again!”




As for facing creative block, Rémy says: “There is always a time when creativity is a little rusty and when it takes a little more effort and desire to come up with new ideas. It’s like being in quicksand: you try to come up with a good joke, but the more you try, the less successful you are. This is not a very original piece of advice, but I have noticed that when I cannot come up with ideas, the best is to put my body in automatic mode so that the brain is more available: take a shower, go for a walk. It really helps.”

Also, the duo looks for inspiration in other artists like Cyanide & Happiness, Loading Artist, Perry Bible Fellowship, Dogmodog.




















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