What If Dogs Could Have Text? Here Are 25 Hilarious Dog Texts That Will Cure Your Depression


Dogs are considered by numerous individuals to be man’s closest companion, and a great deal of us love to ponder about precisely what our faithful and loving friends are thinking or what they would say to us on the off chance that they could talk. The Texts From Dog Tumblr offers answers to these inquiries with an advanced contort – as the name proposes, the blog is about the imaginary SMS trade between a talking canine and his owner.

Famous blog creator named October Jones, has a talent for catching the canine language that a pooch may have on the off chance that they could message and had iPhones. From his hyper, tedious messaging altogether capital letters to his extravagance and eagerness, Dog’s messages consummately catch a interesting dog’s character. Most dog owners have, at some point, needed to manage a destroyed house or had their pet ask for some food. Jones has a few books about Texts From Dogs.


So as a dog owner, I am sure you are curious and excited at the same time to have a look at these hilarious dog messages. Without wasting further time, scroll down to see these hilariously created dog texts that will brighten your day.

Source: textfromdog.tumblr.com




























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