What 20 Animals From Cartoons And Photos Would Look Like As Humans, Illustrated By Shannon Lee


Anthropomorphism or humanization is a term that describes the act of making animals or inanimate objects into humans, whether it is visual or conceptual. It’s something we sometimes do subconsciously, such as when we imagine our pets thinking human thoughts or speaking human language, sometimes fully conscious, when people intentionally transform them into a human form. Shannon Lee is the latter case, where she sometimes draws great illustrations of human characters inspired by various animals, either from cartoons or pictures. The young artist hits it close to home and maintains the unique traits of the source, all while doing so in her own style. Check it out and see for yourselves.

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Shannon was very kind and gave us an exclusive interview about her and her art:Obviously I love drawing, but I love people more. I love creating things for my own entertainment, but nothing flirts with me more than telling someone that drawings make them feel nostalgic or make them laugh or Anything else. I have a very close group of friends who, along with my family, are very supportive. We play a lot of dungeons and dragons and other geek stuff! Although most of my time is spent in my day job at the Tasmanian Ministry of Justice, I’m excited that it From 2022, I will be working as a full-time artist! It’s a scary move, but I have the support of my amazing girlfriend and I think it’s a great opportunity.




I’ve been painting forever. Apparently, I saw my mother painting when I was just a year old and wanted to join her. My parents told me they didn’t have child-safe paints, so they gave me some shaving foam. I’m coloring the roses that were growing outside! In, instead I’m napping when I put the patch in. Not sure if that helps in that regard, but I’m so grateful for them!..At 14 or 15 I started selling commissions, some photo-realistic and some (kinda likable) character design work on DeviantArt. I didn’t really see it as something I wanted to do for work until recently. I thought I could do it, but being an artist seemed to me on my own. That’s why I studied law instead; it’s something I’m passionate about I ate and knew I would work with and help people. Well, After a year working at the Department of Justice, my tik tok and Instagram suddenly started growing and I realized I could be an artist and also be a part of the community if I focused on building my social media sites. So here’s the plan! I’m really trying not to use too much Exclamation points, lol.























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