The Creator Of ‘Pixie And Brutus’ Finally Reveals How Brutus Got His Scars, And People Can’t Hold Back The Tears


Pixie and Brutus, we swear we don’t cry. These are the people who chop onions. Ben Head, one of the most popular Instagram artists and founder of the Pete Foolery Instagram account, may be the most important humor in the Pixie and Brutus story.

Ben finally reveals the full story and emotional details behind, how Brutus’ dog got scarred while serving in the military. Dear readers, we will not spoil anything for you, so go ahead and find out for yourself. But be prepared to experience some epic feelings. Do you then need some funny and goofy pet light comedy to pick you up? I’ve got you covered.

Artist Ben took more time creating his latest comic than any other comic he’s posted on Instagram. How much work did he put into the reasons for this: not only in drawing cartoons, but also in research. This comedian took longer than any other comic posted on Instagram, partly because of the length and detail, and partly because of the amount of research they did before doing the research.

I would say it was the most important and dangerous comic in the Pixie and Brutus series, so I took my time with it to make sure I got it right. Ben explained why he spent most of his time in comedy.

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Brutus finally reveals to Pixie how he found his scars

Pete Foolery is a true artistic whale on Instagram. Ben’s account has over 2.4 million loyal followers on the platform and it doesn’t look like his rank will increase anytime soon. As long as Ben continues to pay a lot of attention to her sweet and emotionally powerful reflections..

In one of his previous comedies, artist Ben illustrated explained how things changed over time with Brutus

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