Research Finds People Kiss Their Dogs More Than Their Partners


With all the true affection and loyalty dogs give us, obviously they are the best animals on the planet. The least we can do is promise them that we esteem their endeavors. Also, we do. According to a recent research, more than half of the doggo owners in the U.S. kiss their pets more than their partners.

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Image credits: Ieva Budzeikaitė

Recent survey revealed the fact that 52% of the doggo owners across U.S. kisses their pets more than their partners

Image credits: tomwithdogs

The survey was directed by Riley’s Organics, according to, who needed to discover exactly how close dog owners are to their dearest pets. In the wake of asking individuals across the U.S. the amount of attention and care they give their fuzzy companions, the organic dog treat organization was glad to hear that it was more than they expected.

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People also shared their sleeping habits

Image credits: tomwithdogs
Image credits: Inga Korolkovaitė
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The surprising thing is out of the research, 52% claims that they love to sleep with their pets rather than their better half

Image credits: Viktorija Gabulaitė

In the event that these numbers shock you, Riley’s Organics has a clarification that places everything into point of view. Perhaps the most resonating reactions came from an inquiry regarding what’s humans’ opinion about the bond they share with their dogs. A mind-boggling 94% of pet owners said they think about their dogs as probably the closest companion.

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That’s how people reacted over the results


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