People Send Pics Of Their Pets To This Artist And She Disneyfies Them (20 New Pics)


It is no secret that Disney cartoons and their protagonists influenced the lives of many people. Some of the cutest animal characters, with their big eyes and sweet smiles, taught us to be loving, generous and brave. So it’s no wonder that many people want to see their favorite furry pets as vibrant animated characters.

It is possible thanks to an artist, Isa Bredt, a 23-year-old Dutch illustrator. She is the creator of the popular Instagram account “Pet Disneyfication”. She’s been turning dog photos of people into Disney-style works of art since 2014, and it’s a whole new level of sweetness.


From her account, we have compiled some of the best drawings of cats, dogs, rabbits and other animals. Keep scrolling, vote for your favorites, and don’t forget to read our previous article on her here. Psst, if you are looking for more Disney inspired changes, click here and here.



Sociologists coined the word “Disneyfication” to characterize the alteration of objects or places to resemble Walt Disney theme parks and resorts. Our beloved pets are introduced to the world of Disney-style animation in this case, and it is very charming.

Isa Bredt has always loved animals and painting, so combining the two and becoming a pet portraitist was a no-brainer. Her main inspirations, according to her website, are old 2D animated works by Disney, Dreamworks, and Don Bluth. “I try to capture the spirit of an animal in my photographs,” he said, “with the twist that it looks like they might appear in his own animated film.”

She has been drawing since she was a child, and at age 16, she began posting her work on Reddit. After that, the project evolved at a dizzying pace. Bored Panda approached the artist to learn more about her creative process and how it has developed over time.


























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