People Can’t Control Their Laugh At The Funny Dog’s Growth Chart


Have you ever adopted a puppy? Well, if you’ve experience this, you might be very well aware how they connects with you. Doesn’t matter whatever the situation is adorable little furry friend will never leave you alone. They will follow you everywhere.

Axl is one of the above mentioned puppy, who follows his owner even to the washroom. Imgur client rayzer12 brought Axl home aged simply 7.5 weeks, and first snapped a picture of the little guy twisted charmingly in a very improbable spot.


Scroll down and have a look at Axl’s growth chart that will make your day. People loved this new growth chart.

This picture was taken after 5 days of bringing him home


8.5 Weeks

This appeared to turn into a convention. As Axl kept on after his human to washroom breaks, rayzer12 would snap a picture of the restroom Labrador settled in his jeans. Through this unusual routine we will see Axl develop, continuously growing out of the underwear, at that point the jeans, until there is only no space for Axl under the washroom by any stretch of the imagination!

9.5 Weeks


10 Weeks

10.5 weeks


11.5 Weeks

12 Weeks

12.5 Weeks


13 Weeks

13.5 Weeks

14 Weeks

14.5 Weeks


15.5 Weeks

17 Weeks

19 Weeks

20 Weeks


1 Years Old


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