New The Far Side Daily Dose Comics That Will Boost Your Mood ( 20 new far sides)


“The Far Side” was released on December 31, 1979, and ran until January 1, 1995. At the height of its popularity, the syndicated single-panel strip was published by nearly 2,000 newspapers and translated into multiple languages.

Revered for its surreal and somewhat twisted sense of humor and in addition to Larson’s penchant for drawing animals, “The Far Side” was a smash hit, resulting in several popular compilation books, as well as calendars, cards, and other exclusive items. . In 1995, Larson was ready to move on.


The day after I retired from syndication, I felt good about not setting a deadline,” says Larson. “And after moving on to other interests, drawing just wasn’t on my to-do list.”

Fans can finally return to “The Far Side. Gary Larson has brought his beloved webcomic strip out of a long retirement and published his first new Far Side cartoons in 25 years. The three new strips can be viewed by visiting website and clicking on the “new stuff” tab.

But before fans get too excited about the development, thinking that maybe they can once again count on enjoying a new “Far Side” cartoon every morning while sipping their cups of coffee, Larson cautions that this does not indicate a return to The way things used to be

I don’t want to fool anyone here, Larson says in a post on the website. This corner of the website, New Stuff, is not a resurrection of the daily cartoon from ‘The Far Side.’ (Well, not exactly, anyway, like the proverbial tiger and his stripes, I’m pretty stuck with my sense of humor. Aren’t we all?) Thing is, I really enjoyed my career as a syndicated cartoonist and I hope, less in spirit, that we have laughed together. But after 15 years of meeting deadlines, well, blah, blah, blah … you know the rest.

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