Artist Illustrates How Stupid Technology Can Get (20 New Pics)


You’ve never heard of computer humor, closer to your seat. It’s a new subtype of…wait, it’s not like that. Call it computer humor, tech web comedy, or a hilarious twist on the must-haves of our computer age, but you’ll surely find it very relatable.

So check out System32Comics, the massively popular web story series based on all computers powerful enough to send your inner nerd (and let’s face it – we all have one!) into overdrive.


Andrew was obsessed with computers at the age of 15, but his passion grew after he made a gaming computer himself because his parents could not afford to buy a computer. This PC opened the doors to digital editing, animation, and digital art. “This got me into a few number one winners at several film and art festivals and ultimately led me to create System32 Comics,” recounted the former creator of Bored Panda.

So let’s get your C++ muscle with the latest set of funny System32 comics right below.

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With so many comics, humorous illustrations, frivolous jokes, and all kinds of comical accounts to suit the interests of everyone surfing the internet these days, you can’t help but wonder what makes certain things funny. Think annoying dad jokes or computer humor like System32Comics. This type of humor is very specific and revolves around one particular area, which makes it attractive to a small portion of people who share the same interests as you. Or at least, we think of it this way.























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