My Series Of Illustrations Looking At The Relationships Of People And Their Pets In The Lockdown (16 Pics)


A series of illustrations looking at the relationships between people and their pets in lockdown. Some became co-workers, some loved the extra attention and time, and others were eager to get out.

The idea to create this came when I realized that my cats really helped me get through 2020 and I wanted to share stories of others who had similar experiences. It was fun getting to know all these wonderful people.


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I enjoyed making this commissioned photo of Yam & Malia, as a special birthday surprise. Yam is the most adorable cat, whose tongue is permanently sticking out due to an accident. A short story about Yam during lockdown:

“During this time, Yam developed an obsession with my showers and the water going into the bathtub. When I’m in the tub next to the tub, brushing my teeth or washing my face, he’ll pop up, slip into the tub, then sit there, staring and staring, waiting for the ‘make the water to happen’ (No direct quote. Yam’s English isn’t great.) If I take a little long to like him, which I do now just to get him to do it, he calms down on a frustrated tone. I know I should ignore his demands if I don’t want the habit to continue, but Look at that face. I’m helpless. So I sigh and turn on the cold water for a bit (grumbling about the water wasting) and let it run for a little while so he has something to stare at. If I’m in a really good mood or if he makes a request, I plug the drain up He gets to watch the pool start to fill up, then shut it down so he can look at it, his mind stunned. Then I drain it or he jumps, on to the next thing.





This cat is hanging in my building and has been seeking entry into my apartment since I moved in a year ago. I finally gave in during the first week of social distancing and since then the cat has become a comfortable companion at times. He is very cuddly and demands love, so we snuggle up on My sofa purring like an engine. Then I send him on his merry way, so we maintain our independence.


















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