My 20 Comics Showing The Backstory Of Popular Animal Pictures


I have been fascinated by wildlife since I was a child. Whenever I came across a unique image of an animal, I used to wonder how this photograph was taken. So it occurred to me one morning, why not use my love of doodles and create a wholesome backstory for these images? And I haven’t stopped since!

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Ever since I was a kid, I’d look for comic strips in the newspaper and that is how I discovered Garfield. I would go to my local library and rent all Garfield editions and read them over and over again. Then, more recently, I was introduced to Poorly Drawn Lines and Sarah Anderson Comics on Instagram and I love them too.




These were my inspiration to start drawing my comics. I used to draw only funny comics at first with animals as the main characters because it was easier for me to use them to express my thoughts. I started doing healthy comics because it was an escape for me from all the worries in these times of covid. I love wildlife photography and I wanted to somehow combine that with my comics, so I could promote these wonderful wildlife photographers who try so hard to capture the perfect moment.























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