19 Famous Disney Characters Have Been Transformed Into Evolving Pokemon


For almost ten years, I have been a professional artist. I guess I started drawing when I was a kid, most likely with crayons and colored pencils. He just loved to draw whatever he wanted, from animals he had seen to cartoons he had seen. Learning to paint was a difficult process, but I think that after attending a tutorial from Cuson, a Hong Kong artist whom I love, I gained a lot of experience in digital painting. I met him after he gave a live tutorial at a convention I attended.

I like to start by imagining what the final product will look like, then guess until it seems reasonable.


I start with a rough sketch, then add lines, shadows, and colors, before zooming in and correcting any errors.

For me, pop culture is a source of inspiration. I enjoy drawing fan art because it allows me to bring a game or movie I enjoy to life while adding my own personal touches. I thought it would be fascinating to combine two of my favorite things, Disney and Pokémon. I thought combining Disney characters and Pokémon evolution in one drawing would be so much fun, and now I can’t stop drawing Disney characters. I hope you enjoy my fun illustrations and my work developing new Pokémon!

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