Korean Artist Transforms Animals Into Anime-Like Characters While Keeping Their Features (20 Pics)


Animals and plants have much more in common than just the Latin root “anima. All animals have unique looking features, just like cartoon characters or any other type of cartoon. Naturally, one begins to wonder what the animals would look like if they were made into characters from the cartoon. A Korean artist named Nitro, who uses the pseudonym byeongju.a on Instagram, satisfies this curiosity by merging the two together and showing interesting results.

Nitro recently made a series of illustrations that attempt to portray domestic and wild animals such as big cats, dogs, birds, etc. as original characters you’d expect to see in animation. It’s not hard to imagine that the hardest part of it is converting it into a new style while keeping the unique properties intact. Whether he succeeds or not, we leave it up to you to judge, but in our eyes, he did a great job.


If they were part of a true animated series, where would they fit in? Or, perhaps, one could create a new anime series containing all of them? Anyway, the characters are very attractive, and there’s a good reason behind that: the artist is adept at creating unique characters out of thin air. Can’t believe it? Check out the artist’s Instagram and see for yourself.

More info: Facebook | Instagram | artstation.com



There’s an unexpected benefit to Nitro’s action that we don’t think he took into account. OCs (original characters) are raising awareness about some species of wildlife that are becoming endangered. For example, black panthers are rapidly losing their territory, and northern bald ibis, which are native to Syria, have disappeared from the wild due to hunting and habitat degradation. Panthers, East African lions, damask goats, macaroni penguins, and black macaques, among the other species featured in this post, are also endangered, some of which are critical.


























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