20 Ridiculously Funny Comics By ‘Cheddar Bacon Studios


Nowadays, there are a lot of comics made on all kinds of topics. The main question is what makes some better than others? Sure, there are things like style, narration, and themes that make it special, but, in my opinion, in terms of what makes it really special, humor is king. And luckily for you guys, today’s comedy is all about silly situations, silly outcomes, and frankly good and sometimes cliched jokes. But these things are better shown, not said. Let’s not dance about it: Without further ado, let me introduce you to the comics produced by “Cheddar Bacon Studio.

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Here’s what the artist told Bored Panda about himself and his work in an exclusive interview: I grew up in a very small town in northern Missouri. I have a lot of brothers and sisters (8, to be exact), which have led to some unbridled shenanigans. My family has always tended to towards arts so in college I pursued an arts degree and got a BA in humanities. That’s when I decided to make comics in college. My family and I have always talked about writing down the crazy adventures we had when we were kids, and I think doing these stories The comic would be a great way to share these stories. And that’s where my sense of humor also stems from. My family is my main inspiration. Also, life in general. Life can be filled with a lot of frustrations and little annoyances and I wanted to draw cartoons that people would deal with.


























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