Illustrator Adds Funny Cartoons To Strangers’ Instagram Photos (20 New Pics)


Beware, because your Instagram account is in danger! At this moment, someone might be scrolling through your photos, trying to find a target to exercise their clever fingers. But we are not talking about scammers, hackers or even haters. In fact, the “threat” we are talking about is nothing but harmless pleasure. You see, Lucas Levitan loves to draw cartoons, and he takes his inspiration from Instagram photos: what he likes to do is borrow them to turn them into something creative, unexpected and fun, ultimately transforming and transforming a casual photo taken by (usually) amateur photographers into works of art, entertaining thousands of viewers. Who knows, maybe the original photos will get more recognition because of Lucas’ work, so it might not be a bad thing after all if you find out one day that a not-so-popular cartoonist has broken into your Instagram.

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Looking at the general picture, it is difficult to determine which theme and type of images the artist likes to “conquer” the most. Among the photos, there are beautiful views, interiors, landscapes, ordinary photos of people, and what appear to be stored photos. It shows that the material he’s painting on in and of itself isn’t nearly as important as the creativity and new perspective it brings. At some points, it’s even hard to tell if the photos enhance his cartoonishness, or vice versa.




The Brazilian based in London and Madrid is a multimedia artist, and illustration is just one of the many arts he loves to occupy. He describes himself professionally as “Painter of today, Filmmaker of last week, Photographer of last month, Art Director of last year” which is remarkable because it shows the kind of exploration and evolution in an artist’s life, which in itself is an integral part of being. Artist. Occasionally he does NFT arts, animations, videos, and other cool stuff.























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