Artists enjoy drawing anything that is fantastical (20 Pics)


We were exposed to an abundance of cartoon series when we were teenagers. The vast majority of them are still fresh in our memory. They are a hero to us. Things have changed over time, and we are getting closer to working life. However, we cannot argue that such cartoon characters helped us remember our youth.

On the other hand, our fantasy cartoon adventure series has made a lasting impression. Adventures are something every kid, including me, enjoys seeing. We used to love animated movies. The greatest way to describe our childhood is to say that we experienced such situations firsthand, which is why we will never forget them.


Bob Keel is best known for his work as a fictional illustrator. He currently resides in Florida. Bob enjoys creating imaginative artwork. This is what makes it unique. Bob has developed an interest in pirates, seas, dwarves, and other related topics over time. This was the motivation behind his decision to work in this field.

Bob paints fictional paintings, mostly featuring pirates. This is not the end of the floor. He incorporates personal insights about all the characters he creates into his Instagram Stories descriptions to add to the originality of his graphics. His novel ideas were well received.

We’ve rounded up a selection of some of his most iconic pieces from around the world.

All image Credits Bob Kehl









Bob works as an independent illustrator. He’s worked in this sector for the past 12 years. The bulk of his work is for personal commissions or book covers that he illustrates himself. He has an Instagram  account where he shares all of his work. He’s amassed a total of 38K Instagram followers. The statistics are always adding up.




















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