Artist Illustrates How Doing Anything Is Much Better When There Are Animals Around (20 Pics)


It’s okay to cool off on your own, but relaxing with the animals is best. There is nothing better than showing off to your furry friends; You’ve got the best of both worlds. You can still feel like you have company without the unnecessary noise that comes from hanging out with other people. Let us introduce you to the artist who portrayed her perfectly in her little illustration series.

Peijin is a self-taught independent artist based in Munich, Germany. A little over two years ago, she gave up her engineering career and committed to art completely. Her decision was supported by her fans and clients alike, so she never looked back. In addition to her illustrations, she also gives tutorials, handles videos, and studies, because she believes that if she can be an artist, everyone can! Drawing is her true love, and many people feel the same way.

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