Artist Illustrates Hilarious Moments In The Life Of Every Cat Owner (20 New Pics)


Another day, another article about cats. Here we have another post about the mighty companions of fur. They are everywhere. Not only do they rule your home if you come across a cat, they are also kings, queens, and some might even internet gods.

Russian artist Lingvestov captures it perfectly in her hilarious and hilarious comics. She explains what it’s like to live with cats, what kind of hoaxes they get into, and how they change your life. Most people who live with a feline companion will likely bond and see many similarities with their cat.


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on Lingvistov’s website, they write some information about themselves:We are a team of creative people who can not pass through a cute bookstore, they love cats, art design, illustrations and good humor. Hello, who does not? We live in Russia and professionally we are We’re not even close to designers or artists (who cares about careers?! I was born that way!).We’re also not greedy/paranoid businessmen/tycoons. We actually come from educated different backgrounds (one of us even has a stable job) but we We were fortunate to find one thing we love to do, which is to create unique gifts and illustrations that make the people around us happy. We are so passionate about what we do and about our online gift shop!


























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