Artist Creates Fun Comics With Unpredictable Endings That Poke Fun At Our Society (20 New Pics)


Ryan Kramer, also known as “Toonhole Ryan,” is a cartoonist, comic book artist, and “just a guy trying to enjoy life and not get too fat.” He creates funny illustrations that feature ridiculous, unexpected, and sometimes dark situations that can make you laugh.

The artist has been self-publishing humor and animation comics on the Internet since 2010 and co-runs a website called “Toonhole” with 3 of his friends, on which he publishes new comics on a weekly basis. In addition to that, the artist is also the director of Looney Tunes at Warner Bros.


Ryan told Bored Panda that he likes to animate cartoons, but they take too long to create. “Comics are a quicker way to tell a joke or a story. I started doing them with my friends and we loved making each other laugh. I also really enjoy the process of trying to capture a funny idea and all the stages of bringing it to fruition.” in comic format

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Ryan revealed that his journey as a comic artist began in high school when he used to draw comics to make fun of his friends. He Combine that with his love for cartoons and a cartoonist was born!

In college, Ryan met John, Chris, and Mike, who shared the same love of old cartoons and similar drawing sensibilities. The friends got together and created Toonhole, a team of professional cartoonists and animation artists who, in his description, “roughly draw really, really, really dumb stuff in their spare time.”




From time to time, artists face some challenges when doing creative work. For Ryan, the most challenging part of the creative process is trying to find a joke or idea worth capturing. However, “it is very rewarding to find it and translate it from your mind to paper.” The second most rewarding part for the artist is holding the finished piece (if done traditionally). “It also feels good if it goes viral and people respond well,” Ryan added.























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