32-Year-Old Independent Modern Woman Draws Comics On Her Observations About Society (20 New Pics)


Women’s content that aims to empower other women – that’s what I’d love to see now. Lainey Molnar is a talented artist who creates threaded comics about self-acceptance, motherhood, refusal to conform to social stereotypes, and freedom of choice. These clever, ultra-modern comics touch on everyday situations that might resonate even with men.

In the photos below you’ll find some of Lainey’s latest work. If you’d like to see more, check out our previous post about it.


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I have a list of miles and miles of ‘illustrative ideas’ on my phone, sometimes I wake up literally in the middle of the night writing new ideas and I grab my phone to take notes any time I see something inspiring,” artist Bored Panda told artist Bored Panda.” When I sit down to paint, I review the list and see what It echoes at that moment. I paint digitally on an iPad and sometimes binge-watch TV shows at the same time, but usually I like to create ambiances, like candles, incense, and good music, because I believe feelings and emotions also go into every artwork.


When asked if she has any personal favorites from her illustrations, Lainey said it’s the one where she compares someone with physical health difficulties and person with mental health difficulties: It’s that illustration because it’s so personal. I’ve struggled with my mental health for 18 years of my life and I know how hard it is to live with invisible illnesses that people around us can ignore.I usually tackle women’s empowerment topics either in a straightforward or funny way, but at the end of the day, we’re all just human and I find it necessary Addressing stigmatized topics because it gives so many of us comfort in knowing we’re not. Alone.

























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