20 Illustrations That Show How Life Changes After Getting A Pet


If you have ever owned a pet, you will know that pets can mean a big change in your daily life. But have you ever thought about all the life changes after getting it? If you want to know how life changes when you have a pet, don’t skip this post because it is all you need.

A Taiwanese artist who went online by the name of John wants to show everyone that adding an animal to their home wouldn’t be too difficult. For this reason, he shared a series of funny and adorable illustrations, depicting life before and after getting pets. Scroll down to check for yourself.


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1. Ah, yes. The intense butt bath right next to the hoomin’s head.


Taking care of a pet is a huge responsibility, but if you like it, it can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. “All I can think about after work is to go home knowing that [my pets] are waiting for me, feeling great and cute,” John wrote.

2. “I was told ‘don’t feed them then they won’t beg’. Yeah, four dogs on and somehow they haven’t got the message ????”

The artist said that the main source of inspiration for the series is his own experience. “I kind of got used to it like all the life changes that happened to me after I got my pets, and I think other animals would agree with me on this,” John told Bored Panda. “The only change that is difficult when it comes to pets is saying goodbye when it is time for them to go pet.”

3. Yess, so true! ????


4. The best alarm clock you ever had. Wakes you up with licking and barking and love.

“Unfortunately, the golden retriever you see in the pictures is gone. Now, I have a Taiwanese dog and six cats.” John adopted all of his pets; Before they joined the artist in his house, they were all homeless.

5. Major picture content improvement!


6. By the looks of the white cat, soon you’ll be sitting on the floor!

7. That duckie bed in the second frame, upper right!

8. You’re missing the “customized” shoes.


9. “Look! I decorated!”

10. Adorable ????

11. Worth it. Its worth it

12. Cats are incredibly smart that way!


13. Let him drive, he looks like he knows what he’s doing

14. Ah the fresh aroma of cat shit lovely. No wonder they zoom around after

15. Bonus point for Totoro.

16. Shopping


17. Stitch! ????

18. Bite in the fish? =)

19. “Lick it clean before giving it to him.”

20. The dogs face says it all… XD


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