20 Funny And Relatable Comics That Show Situations Almost Anyone Can Relate To (New Pics)


Every day, we face awkward situations and mundane struggles that only seem relevant to us. Which makes it amazing that so many other people can relate to such specific moments. Fortunately, there are many great artists who can so accurately illustrate how similar we all are.

Known as Sabincomics by over 30,000 Instagram followers, Sabin Sanders has plenty of relatable comics about the ironic moments in everyday life. Especially for girls, since the most prominent characters in the artist’s comics are Sabin herself and her younger sister.


Scroll down to see the latest Sabin comics, and don’t forget to check out our previous post about her work.

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Bored Panda had the opportunity to ask Sabin some questions about his comics. We wonder how long it takes to complete one of them and if he has any personal favorites. The artist said, “Usually it takes 3-6 hours to finish a comic, it depends on the idea.”

As for her favorites, Sabin really likes the “before and after shower” one, as she felt more comfortable with her art style while she was doing it.




Speaking about the creative process, Sabin told us: “Sometimes ideas just come to me (especially in the middle of the night when I have to struggle to find a pen and paper to take notes) and other days I need to think. and look for inspiration.

Well, the preparation is to just grab my pencil and start drawing until I’m happy with what I see. It is not always good, many times I delete everything and look for a new idea.”




“I have many artists I like, but the most important to me that I’d like to refer to is the cartoonist Will Terrell,” Sabin shared one of her inspirations. “I found his YouTube videos of him 7 years ago, he inspired me so much and helped me evolve and improve my art style!

Having so many influences from everywhere can be confusing sometimes to find your own unique style, but I believe practice and devotion to your personal work eventually bring out a unique style.




















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