20 Dogs Who Surprised People With Their Unbelievable Heroic Act


Most of us, particularly those of us who grew up with TV works of art like Lassie, have a special spot in our heart for heroic canines.

Dogs are regular heroes from numerous points of view, doesn’t matter whether they are guide dogs, rescue dogs or those that guard us by tracking down explosives and drugs, there are endless tales of man’s closest companion standing up and doing astounding things. There presence is like a therapy to us. Dogs are the only one, faithful and non-judgemental companions we can generally depend on when times are ruff.


We have compiled a list of some of these dogs who bravely jumped into the situation and went out victorious. So scroll down and appreciate these brave and adorable doggos.

#1 Meet hero military dog named Layka who got shot 4 times by Ak-47 but still managed to get the Insurgent and saved his handler. She survived after 7 hour surgery and was awarded with a medal for her heroism.

Martin Schoeller

#2 This adorable dog named Geo saved this child by pushing him out of the away and getting hit by the truck


#3 This good boy was continuously barking at me for last 30 minutes, When I took him out I find the leakage of gas in our apartment. All he wanted us to get out


#4 This dog saved his owner by lying over him for 24 hours in freezing condition


#5 This dog named Maggie escaped from her kennel just to comfort and love crying shelter puppies

abc News

#6 This blind dog named Molly saved life of 7 people, 2 dogs and 4 cats from fire


#7 This dog saved baby’s life by letting mom know about baby’s condition who was chocking in the sleep


#8 This dog saved baby’s life by letting mom know about baby’s condition who was chocking in the sleep. This dog named Frida saved 32 people from Mexico’s Earthquake


#9 Woman saved this dog who was about to put sleep, after 4 weeks dog paid back by saving his 4 years old child.


#10 This dog saved his blind owner by jumping in front of bus to get in between bus and his owner and got hit by bus


#11 This dog saved his owner from a partner who was threatening her with knife

Ring Dog Rescue

#12 This dog saved his Unconscious owner by covering his body and got herself hit by train

Lilly the Hero Pit Bull

#13 This adorable dog saved a deer from drowning

Strong Island Animal Rescue League

#14 Bretagne was 9/11 hero dog who passed away at the age of 16


#15 This dog think his love is the cure whenever I am sick

KOCO 5 News

#16 This pit bull saved sleeping family from a fire by not just alerting them but also saving 5 dogs from the flames

Ed Gernon

#17 This dog saved a hummingbird , who was in no condition to survive


#18 Meet hero dog Sam, who served for 10 years and find more then 300 children while researching


#19 This kind hearted pit bull who has no puppies is nurses this 4 week old kitten

#20 Mama dog saved her puppies from the fire and bring them to the fire truck


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