20 Comics That Hilariously Illustrates The Differences Between Cats And Dogs


Mostly we have been asked a question, whether you are a dog person or a cat person? This is the mostly asked question that pet owners experiences, and keeping in mind that there is no specific explanation while you can’t totally be both, there is a motivation behind why this question comes up so frequently.

There are a lot of talented artists who creatively draws comics over this particular topic. Beauty of comics is people gets in a funnier way instead of being easily offended. As a pet owner we love to see pets related content specially dogs and cats on social media. The reason is it keeps us warm and happy.


We have compiled a list of comics that hilariously illustrates the difference between cats and dogs. Scroll down and have a look at these funny comics that will relate to both cat and dog owners. At the end let us know which comic you find most relatable in the comments below.




Image Source : adamtots


Image Source : Binnie Cat and Friends


Image Source : lingvistov


Image Source : Cat Versus Human

Cats and dogs have in a general sense inverse characters that can normally prompt totally different associations with their people. cats are generally more free, shrewd and don’t especially require your adoration and love. Then again dogs are more social animals, lively, inviting and might we venture to say it, somewhat little dumb on occasion.


Image Source : Tubey Toons


Image Source : Loryn Brantz


Image Source : Mikiekwoods


Image Source : Chelsea Kenna

What better approach to illustrate the a wide range of comics of cats and dog owners than a cunningly made comic? We hope these comics will make your day. Shared it with your loved ones who need to see this.


Image Source : Dave Whamond


Image Source : theAkwardYeti.com


Image Source : Cat Versus Human



Image Source : Nixxie


Image Source : Maria Scrivan


Image Source : Jacob Andrews



Image Source : Cat Versus Human


Image Source : Cat Versus Human


Image Source : Erin Hunting


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