19 New Comics By Vernessa Himmler That Cat Owners Might Find Very Relatable


Cats have the appeal of resembling stuffed animals, but ask any cat owner what it’s like to have one of these adorable creatures, and they’ll tell you the reality isn’t always so cuddly.” That’s how Vernessa Himmler, an illustrator Based in Hamburg, Germany, it depicts life with beloved little devils and we couldn’t say it better.

Living with two cats, Mikosch and Koschka, Vernessa decided to create hilarious comic strips that show the wacky side of being a “dumb cat owner.” The artist has been drawing since childhood and received a master’s degree in illustration from HAW Hamburg. Over the years he has developed his own modern style and created many brilliant illustrations.


In the funny cat comics, the artist portrays her daily life as a “crazy cat lady” and her weird and funny moments with her two fluffy pets. We believe that many of the situations depicted in the drawings may be very familiar to all cat owners. Are we right?

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Bored Panda reached out to Vernessa to learn more about her creative process. The artist shared with us that it takes her about an hour to completely finish a comic. She admitted that it can be quite difficult to come up with an idea for an illustration. “The gag should fit all four panels and shouldn’t be too complicated, but identifiable to fans.




The artist works as an illustrator and sand painter in Hamburg, Germany. The areas he prefers to work in are news illustration, non-fiction illustration, and editorial illustration. The artist describes her drawing style as versatile, composed of fine, realistic drawings and modern coloring.

Vernessa shared that she loves creating things with her imagination and making people smile with little comics about real life problems.






















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