This Artist Shares Her Relatable And Funny Comics About Life’s Silly Moments (20 Pics)


Everyone in life has different experiences and lives them uniquely. However, there are some things we can all grapple with, or at least laugh at. These things happen to most of us and we don’t even realize it. This is what this artist named Kristen Benben (known as Blamundon on Instagram) shows.

The artist creates highly relevant comics and deals with topics such as relationships, motherhood, and pregnancy, while also including a range of silly, unrealistic, and unexpected comics that will brighten your day. The artist wants to show that you are not alone and that many people are going through the same things. Kristen has recently become a mother, so if you are a parent, you will have plenty of things to relate to her illustrations.




The artist recently gave birth to a child with her husband, which created many topics for her to write about. She creates comics about the agony of pregnancy and how difficult it is, and what it’s like to be a parent and raise a child, while still providing silly and simple illustrations.


The artist spoke to Bored Panda: The main goal of my comics/illustrations is to make people laugh and give the world some laughter, sometimes I even try to make people think. I’m not sorry about that!

Kristen shares how she got into art in the first place: I’ve been drawing ever since I could pick up a crayon. It’s the first thing someone told me I was good at, maybe my parents. Even when I was a little girl, it just went right into my head and I haven’t stopped since.

























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