The Artist Who Made People Cry With Her Comics “Good Boy” and “Black Cat” Is Back, And This Time It’s About Elephants


Jenny-Jinya, a German singer, is known for making her fans cry. The comic cartoons of her were dubbed tragedies because they showed how cruel some people can be to animals. Jenny now has more than 285,000 followers on Instagram, proving that people are not immune from animal cruelty, abolition, deforestation, pollution, natural disasters and other calamities.

Jenny is back with another emotional comic, this time highlighting the theme of how cruel and destructive elephant rides can be. It turns out that wild animals are separated from their families and forced to live in captivity, where they are constantly in danger. She be sure to have some tissues handy and check out the comic below.


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Jenny was hoping to learn more about the inspiration for this particular elephant comic cartoon. The artist had apparently gone over a picture of a captured child elephant that had profoundly moved her. When the alleged trainers beat the poor animal, it was tethered and appeared to cry.

Jenny believes that if more tourists understood how elephants are tortured to make them submit, less people will accept these “attractions.” After the arrival of this strip, the craftsman said she received a flood of messages from people admitting they had previously rode elephants. She explained that they had no idea how these creatures were ‘educated.


Jenny admitted that the process of creating such heartbreaking stories is extremely depressing. Leading an investigation into the problem in question is always discouraging, but when I draw out the storyboard, a few tears stream down my cheeks as well.

There are a variety of explanations why certain people are so cruel to animals. “A few people consider an advantage, others are merely ineffectively informed about particular points, and a few people might have a crooked attitude,” Jenny explains. However, the craftsman acknowledges that individual education, funding for animal shelters, signing petitions, and a reduction in the use of animal products go a long way


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