Father Illustrates The True Love Between His Baby And Dog In Hilarious Comics(20 Comics)


Having a second child can be stressful, but new dad Nate Anderson has discovered that his child is an endless source of creative inspiration. His comedy “Kid & Doug” follows his son, Rowan, and their family’s dog, Murphy, on their hilarious adventures.

Anderson told Bored Panda that the idea for the cute comedy came to him after the birth of his child a year ago. This cute little boy changed my life by bringing joy into my home. My Golden Retriever, Murphy, decided it was too cool at once, he said, Rowan adores his fellow creatures and enjoys Murphy’s company. I started drawing entertaining comedies to prove what I imagined was going on with these wonderful, close comrades in my mind.


We’ve put together a collection of some of his comics depicting the adventures of everyday dogs and kindnesses. Scroll down to see these hilarious comics that will make your heart sing.






Its Boy and Dog cartoon graphics depict dog and child conversations, hoaxes, and even some saucy jokes. Anderson explained that everything was new to the child, and she imagined that it was the dogs’ responsibility to show him the world through the eyes of the dogs.






Although his comics are very witty, Anderson admits that he is not very good at talking to people and relies on his ability to express himself. “My comics allow me to tell clever stories and make people laugh with funny jokes,” he says. I enjoy individual satisfaction. I enjoyed making people laugh. Unfortunately I do not like social interactions, this is an excellent stage for my jokes..


















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