Dark, short comics with twisted endings are created by artists.


We have all gone through a slew of gruesome accidents that we will never forget. Many of these situations leave an indelible impression on our souls for the rest of our lives. We may not believe in black magic or terrible creatures, yet they are always there. Artist Yael Nathan has created some exciting and thought-provoking comics for you this time around. These books are filled with suspense, fantasy, horror and intrigue. We want to share these short comics with you because they are so amazing and have weird endings.

The impact of the bomb explosion on the natural environment, as well as on animal and human health, was depicted on the first floor of the comics. When a nuclear weapon is detonated, the repercussions on nature last for many years. Dangerous mutations appear in the genes, causing future generations to mutate and suffer more. Radiation from a nuclear explosion is extremely dangerous to life on Earth.


The effect of music on the human brain and heart is shown on the second floor of the comedy. Stress, loneliness and suffering can be relieved by listening to music. It gives you a break from your hectic daily routine and provides you peace and quiet. Our thoughts and actions are influenced by music for a long time.

The third floor of the comic strip depicts children’s longing for Super Nintendo. Although these electronic games are fun to play, kids are becoming addicted to them. They are miserable as a result of their addiction. So take a peek at all these great stories by scrolling down.

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 No. 1
A man narrates his storey of defending animals from the dangers of nuclear radiation in this brief comic storey.

1# The ideal day

I’ve been chasing the wolf for months, but he always manages to get away at the most critical moment. But I believe I will be able to obtain her today.


2# The goal

Finally, I tracked out the wolf and fired a shot at her. I felt nervous before shooting the wolf, but there was nothing I could do

3# Are you having problems?

But, just as I was about to fire at the wolf, I heard a strange and frightening noise. When I turned back, there were three mutant wolves in front of me.


2 bullets 4#

Those wolves were in danger due to the impacts of radioactivity. For them, life was a living hell. I fought with them for their sake as well as my own.

5# The Bomb’s Effects

After that, my weapon had only two bullets left. I was in a hurry to find the third wolf and shoot it. I always feel sorry for them because they have such a difficult existence. All of these things can happen as a result of a bomb explosion or nuclear radiation.


6# Variations

Every year after the bombing, the number of mutant species increased dramatically, putting non-mutated species in jeopardy.

7# He came to her rescue.

Then I carefully placed the wolf in my car and drove her home. I was relieved that I had finally saved her, but I was also saddened by the fact that I had killed those altered animals.

8# Reminds me of home

After seeing her family, the wolf was overjoyed. And seeing that glint in her eyes made me very happy.


9# Everything will be fine.

I’m not sure if I’d be able to save everyone. But all I can do now is pray that everything will be OK soon. Everything will turn out fine.

10# Time is of the essence

I could feel the harmful radiations’ effects on my body. I could tell these were slowly killing me. But I had no choice but to save them all. I had to go out and obtain food for them in order for them to survive. And when I was about to die, I chose to open all the gates for them.

11# There’s still a chance to live.

All I wanted to do was give them another chance to live in this world. I had no idea whether or not this would work, but all I could do was hope for the best.

No. 2 Late-Night Radio
A depressed and destined girl meets an unusual music radio station in this narrative

1 Radio

I had nothing else to do with my time but listen to the radio at times. So I turn off the radio and listen to some music that I used to hear on sometimes. I was aware that music is a language of moods and emotions. And I was aware of this at the time


2# Tragedy

The music signals were sometimes very clear, and other times there was no signal at all. And when there was no music, I reverted to being the same sad girl.

3# I’m constantly curious

I used to stay up all night listening to music. The song, however, goes away as the light rises. I’m feeling lonely and depressed once more.

4# Only inquires

I’m never sure if I’ll be able to listen to that music again. So I set out on a quest to locate that ratio station. I asked a lot of people about it and got no answers. I had nothing but questions and no answers

5 That dreadful station

I kept looking for it, but it was nowhere to be found.


Numbers #6

However, one day while listening to music, I heard certain numbers and took note of them.

7# A hint

These digits were a hint, perhaps an address to a location.

8# Cities and Cities

I’m starting to feel hopeful. So I hopped on my bike and set off in search of that location.

9# Make your way through the desert

I passed across a desert when all the tonnes and roads were gone.

10# Finally, it was discovered.

Finally, I discovered that location. It was also a radio station

11# was relegated to the dustbin of history.

The man who was in charge of the radio station vanished into the dust.

12# I like that music.

As a result, I took his seat and hung the headphones. It was the same music I used to listen to when I was younger. This time, however, it was more lovely and lyrical.

All those spirits, 13#

I felt like I had discovered my treasure while listening to the music. A joy-filled treasure.

The Nintendo 3rd

This is the storey of five pals who want to get their hands on a Super Nintendo.

1# The year was 1991, and the month was December.

I recall the exact moment when it all began. This all started when a student at our school received a Super Nintendo. He would invite us to play the game, but we quickly grew obsessed

2# The custom

We decided to perform a ceremony in order to obtain a Nintendo. So, one day, we went to Tommy’s house, where he explained the procedure to us.

3# Parent-free evening

Tommy described the entire process of obtaining a Super Nintendo for ourselves. As a result, we arrived at his house to complete the rite.

4# Book of Magic

Tommy led them to his chamber, which included a large pentagram. We were all terrified, but we had no choice but to go ahead and do it because we wanted to.

5# Pentagram and darkness

But then I made the decision to take a break from the ritual. Liz, on the other hand, made me do it. As a result, I summoned my confidence and entered the pentagram.

6# Wrong answer

Tommy read some magic lines while we were all in the pentagram. And I assumed it was all a lie, but then something happened to show me incorrect.

The monster (#7)

Under the bed, a creature appeared. We all shouted when we saw the creature because it was so enormous and scary.

8# What made you call me?

The creature inquired as to why we had summoned him. However, we were all terrified at the time.

9# Nintendo’s aspiration

Then Tommy requested that he bring us a Super Nintendo before we let him go. Liz, on the other hand, had to leave the pentagram.

10# Cruel monster

The monster attacked Liz and then he attacked me

11# We were lucky

Tommy read some reverse magic lines, and the monster vanished

12# Some were injured

Both of us were severely injured. Liz got a scar on her face and I lost my eye.

13# We were afraid

And then we never played with our friends that much. Our lives were changed.

14# Everything changed

That night, the whole world was changed for me. I got married to Liz and now I have my kids and family.

15# The best way to be happy

And then I tried my level best to provide everything to my children that they desired. It was the only best and cheaper way to save them from such traumas. 


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