Artist’s Funny Comics That Focus Attention On Everyday Conversations And A Job In Retail


A common misconception is that everyday life is boring, devoid of any humor, and straightforward unattractive even to think about. However, there are artists like Stephen Beals who explicitly focus on the ordinary and refute this idea. Who is Stephen Biles? He is the artist who created the “Adult Children’s Comics” that we present here. If we were to summarize soon what they are about, we would have to say that they are mostly about things most of us have to deal with: small conversations, awful work, entertainment and all the other fun things we experience day in and day out . That is why they are so attached, understandable, and even painfully hurt close to home. The artist was very happy to post it by Bored Panda, because he likes the site itself, so Stephen, if you’re reading this now: Your comics are worth it!

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Stephen was very keen to talk about comics and himself, and we are happy to share with you: I have been drawing comics forever out of pure love for the art form. My degree is in animation, but I drifted towards typography and graphic art.

I worked my way through college and loved working with people. Unless you are tired. or sick. Or if someone is a cocky raccoon. Sometimes the clients are cocky raccoons and love letting go.


























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