Artist Turns Disney Characters Into Robots


Who doesn’t love Disney and Marvel characters? Yes!

We all have our favorite Disney and Marvel fictional characters, regardless of our age or gender. Those of you who appreciate speculative fictional characters will undoubtedly enjoy today’s topic.


We have seen many artists turn Disney and Marvel characters into impressive works of art. There are a host of fictional characters that we’ve all grown up watching since we were kids. Although American artist Jake Parker grew up in this magical world, he finds it boring and outdated. Why not reinvent all of our favorite Disney characters into something much more modern and spectacular now that we have improved science and technology? He does exactly what he believes in. Jake’s collection of Disney characters turned into robots is amazing.

Jake produced a completely new look for these characters by including robot-like aspects while maintaining their primary qualities. Disney figures are not lost in his paintings; instead, they are made to make them appear even more vibrant and attractive. Take a look at these illustrations and let us know what you think in the comment area below!

More info:  Jake Parker

1. Look at Stitch from “Lilo & Stitch” as EX-626 STITCHBOT


2. From the movie “Peter Pan”, here’s is Tinker Bell as “Tinker Bot.”

3. MK-Z0W5K13 is the “Mike Wazowski” character from Monster Inc.


4. “Aladdin’s” Genie as the G-N13 SERVICE DROID

5. D-UM80, the adorable circus elephant from the film “Dumbo.”


6. Meet “MM-17 MECHMOUSE” – What do you think of this robot Mickey


7. It’s Donald Duck as DD-13 DUCKBOT!

8. The Beauty and the Beast, aren’t they looking stunning? Such a powerful pair!


9. “The Little Mermaid” Ariel as AR-137 SEADROID. The Little Mermaid’s Ariel is no longer a Little Mermaid!

The purpose of AR-137 SEADROID is to ensure the safety of sea traffic.

How do you feel about these robots? Have you spotted your favourite character in these photos? These solidly constructed characters have surely piqued your interest today.

These photographs are impossible not to be moved by. We owe it to the artist to make our childhood memories more interesting and mechanical. No one had ever considered their favourite television character as a robot before today. This isn’t the first time in science fiction that we’ve seen robots and mechanical creatures as heroes. The character’s archetype has been reimagined many times throughout the Disney realm. These illustrations, on the other hand, are incredible.

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