20 Silly Comics Full Of Random Twists Made By This Artist


There probably isn’t a day that some of us don’t see some comics on social media. No matter where you look, they seem to be everywhere, scattered all over social media for people to consume at their leisure. However, random and seemingly out of context comics seem to be the best, and today we would like to show you the illustrations of “Blue Boi”, the creator of the Katalyst comics.

Bored Panda contacted Kyle (the author of the comics) to find out a little more about him and his work.


“I started making comics in April 2020 during the first wave of coronavirus lockdowns. I was in a bad place in my life and started doing comics as a way to pass the time and relieve stress, and I haven’t stopped doing them ever since!

More info: Instagram | ko-fi.com | redbubble.com



We also asked Kyle to tell us a bit more about what inspired him to do the comics in the first place, as he seems eager to share them with his audience.

“Well, all I can say is…for many years I loved making pranks. Making other people laugh is like my life’s purpose and I want to keep it that way. Drawing comics is like spreading joy with funny illustrations!” (Yes, does that make sense?)




One can enjoy creating something, but feedback is also a very valuable part of the process, especially for artists who share their work with the rest of the world using the power of social media. We couldn’t help but ask the artist what kind of feedback he usually gets when it comes to his work: “Your feedback is the best way for me to see what you think. My favorite comments are the ones that reference the comic in some way.” and it tells me a lot about what makes you like the comic to begin with. But if not, your likes are very welcome, of course,” he told Bored Panda.























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