20 Animals From Cartoons Illustrated As Humans, By Shannon Lee


Have you ever heard of Anthropomorphize? No? Well, okay, we’ve got your back here.

What memories do you have of objects or animals that behave humanly, like Mickie the mouse singing songs or Donald Duck and Goofy walking like humans? Yes! Anthropomorphized or humanized is the term for this process of transforming an object into a person. It is the practice of anthropomorphizing animals or inanimate objects in some way, either through imagery or conceptualization. Sometimes it’s unconscious, like when we imagine our pets thinking human thoughts or speaking in human language, and other times it’s deliberate, like when people purposely change their animals into human forms.


Likewise, Shannon Lee, on the other hand, has a tendency to draw human characters based on different animal characters from our favorite Disney movies, be it animation or photography. The young artist is able to capture the essence of the source while still expressing her own individuality. So, let’s go ahead and take a look at some of the most incredible masterpieces created by this talented artist.

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1. Woah! Peg and Lady as pretty ladies!!


During an interview, Shannon stated, “Obviously I love drawing, but I love people more. I love to create things for my own entertainment, but nothing makes me laugh more than when someone says that one of my drawings makes them nostalgic or makes them laugh or whatever. I have a very close group of friends and they, along with my family, are very supportive. We play a lot of dungeons and dragons and other nerdy stuff! Although most of my time is spent in my day job at the Tasmanian Department of Justice, I am excited that from 2022, I will be working as an artist full time! It’s a scary step, but I have the support of my wonderful girlfriend and I think it’s an amazing opportunity.”

2. Hey Handsome Hakuna Matata!!

3. This white-furred kitty has been transformed into the cutest little kid.


Shannon stated, “I’ve been drawing forever. Apparently, I saw my mother painting when she was only one year old and wanted to join. My parents told me they didn’t have any kid-safe paints, so they gave me some shaving cream and put my color on the roses that were growing. outside! Ha ha! They are wild people. I was severely visually impaired, so they were very keen to encourage me, hoping that drawing would motivate me to exercise my vision and focus on what I was looking at, instead of napping every time I had the patch on. . I’m not sure if it helped in that regard, but I’m very grateful to them! I took a semester of an art class as a kid, but that’s about it, really. At 14 or 15, I started selling commissions, some realistic portraits, and some character design work (somewhat cringeworthy) on DeviantArt. However, I didn’t really see it as something I wanted to do for work until recently. I thought I could do it, but being an artist sounded lonely to me. That’s why I studied law instead; it’s something that I’m passionate about and I knew I would work with people and help them. Well, a year after working at the Department of Justice, my TikTok and Instagram suddenly started to grow and I realized that I could be an artist and also be part of a community if I focused on developing my social networks. So that’s the plan! I’m really trying not to use too many exclamation points.

4. Oh Man! that looks so real.

5. Lion King as an adorable human couple!!


6. Spot on!

7. Blue’s-clues and Scooby doo – a winning combo!

8. Wow!! She looks amazing.


9. The resemblance is uncanny!

10. Venus!!

11. We’re obsessed with this one!

12. So Accurate!!


13. It’s definitely him.

14. A Little Aristo Kid!

15. Don’t you think they look cool?

16. The glitz and the cuteness!!


17. They resemble each other eerily.

18. Damn!! Berlioz looks so handsome.

19. That’s one hot kitty.

20. Doesn’t he resemble Peter Pan?


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