19 Funny Comics For People Who Have Seen Better Days


We all have our days.

Life hasn’t been too good for any of us these days. The planet is deteriorating and nothing seems as exciting and fun as before. We just went through a pandemic, which by the way is showing signs of reactivation once again, and that wave of viruses literally changed everything. The way we live, what we wear, our level of caution, sensitivities, emotions, everything changed. Working from home became a new normal and took the fun out of being physically in the office. And these are just the consequences of a bad thing that happened. We have global warming on the rise and it is eating our planet alive at a very fast rate now, soon destruction will be inevitable. Corrupt leaders are causing the world economy to plunge into a recession. And then there are our personal lives, our personal problems. All this does not sound good. But that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to stay positive about things. That does not mean that we should end that last hope that we have in our hearts and close the case.

We can still move forward and we must, until we can. And to help us do that, talented comic book artist Jake Russell is doing everything in his power. He uses his skill and his artistry to take all the unfortunate situations that everyone can relate to and turn them into hilarious comics. I mean, that’s the only way forward. You take something that annoys you the most and turn it into a relatable joke. Jake’s project “Not All Right” is all about making funny comics that relate to people who are not right.

Let’s enjoy some of his work because we really need it. Appreciate the work for its amazing creativity, and never for being the need of the hour.

Scroll down to enjoy!

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1. Never able to run away from trouble, the fat ones.

2. I am not answering because I AM going to puke in your bowl…again.

3. No, you have become an addict.

4. Should’ve never bought the clock in the first place.

5. You just cannot resist the temptation.

6. Oh the taunts when a couple actually makes an unpopulous decision regarding parenting.

7. Just been stocking them all up for fun.

8. The name Lollipop was only given to keep the event of consuming it as appropriate as possible. In reality, it is a sucker.

9. Oh dear, wish he had never crossed paths with the dog of truth.

10. We will keep blaming all our problems on anything or anyone but ourselves.

My god, the accuracy in these comics is way too good. I love how some of the most concerning issues have been so light-heartedly presented in these comics. Jake Russell, you have my respect. The comics are so fun to enjoy and I could see myself becoming his fan. I hope you guys are also enjoying these comics and the issues showcased are relatable too.

Let’s enjoy some more of this amazing work. Scroll down to continue!

11. The purpose of life just ended.

12. Looks like Dad has had one too many.

13. That bad, huh?

14. Nevermind, sir. Your lazy bum is not worth it.

15. And that is how life keeps moving on and on.

16. I am the right Kim, just stay here and punish me all you won’t. At least that won’t make the redhead lonely.

17. Houston, we have a problem.

18. Looks like Medusa chose the wrong person to turn into stone.

19. Imagine not even the sleep paralysis being interesting in you. That is peak.

I hope you guys enjoyed Jake’s work and did relate to it well. Don’t worry, we are all in this together. Do share your thoughts in the comments section down below.


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